COMING SOON: Mens Group focussed on Presence, Purpose and Power

Starting later in 2015 I will be facilitating a mens group with the focus of Presence, Purpose and Power.  We will be meeting in North Oakland and doing both individual and relational practices that will:  

  • Deepen your presence
  • Open and strengthen your body
  • Develop your authentic power
  • Clarify your desires in the realms of love and work
  • Support you in moving powerfully towards what you want

You will get a full body-heart-mind workout that will help open the clarity and power of your higher self.  The course will include strength training, Qi Gung, and group inquiry and sharing practice.
I have been working with and facilitating mens groups for the past four years and the frame that I use is heavily influenced by six years of study with David Deida as well as three years with Thomas Hübl.
I am excited to build a powerful, open, and clear relational field with a group of men.  

Email me for more information and to express your interest.