Master the Art of Relating to YOURSELF and to OTHERS

Are work or love relationships a source of stress and difficulty in your life?

One of my passions is the art of relating. The quality of our life is dictated, by and large, by the quality of our relationships. If our intimate, family, and work relationships are healthy, we feel a higher degree of fulfillment and meaning.  If any of these domains is challenging, that difficulty takes its toll on our overall quality of life.

Mastery of relationship can be seen by our ability to stay in fluid, authentic, creative contact with our social environment. When we are able to do so, we become a vector for evolution and innovation to occur. Our presence brings higher awareness into our environment and has a positive impact on people. We are able to meet the inevitable challenges we face, and respond in a way that renews, uplifts, and energizes.  

The foundation for relational master is the mastery of SELF.  When I work with clients in this area I help to bring awareness to habits and patterns, and help my clients to maintain a deep presence in the midst of them. From here we can begin to understand the way the world works and how we can find our place and give our gifts in the midst of all of this.