The Journey to Wholeness

Sense and Feel—yourself and others
Integrate and Heal—subconscious patterns 
Recognize and Reveal—higher potential and gifts

I have a passion for helping people to heal. Healing is the journey from fragmentation into wholeness. As Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(#121802) and a Certified Hakomi Practitioner I guide people from stuckness and disconnection back into the strong center of who they are.  This shift can happen in a moment--it doesn't require years of therapy. However, rewiring this ability into our brains and bodies takes time and practice.  

We often struggle to heal ourselves on our own.  Subconscious patterns that were created in relationship can only be healed in relationship; and most of us need help. We need someone who can sit with us and explore patterns that are difficult for us to feel, understand and process. 

When we have support to bring acceptance, compassion, and movement to areas that were unconscious, the underlying causes of stress and suffering resolve.  The end-result is that we can stay grounded and connected to our intelligence, wisdom, and creativity as we move through the more difficult challenges of lifeWe are no longer caught in the ruts of past habit, and can see many possibilities where before there were few.  

Find a healing path into freedom


Hakomi is a healing modality that will help you to:  SEE where you are now — where there is movement, where you are stuck, and what is holding you back; OPEN doors to self understanding — get to know why certain relational patterns play out over and over in your life... (Read more)

(Re-Creation of the Self)

R-CS is a model of human psychology and a technique that is extremely effective for working with people.  It can shorten the time it takes for profound shifts in behavior by helping us to clearly see how we fragment--leaving our underlying, undivided essential self--and providing simple methods for shifting back... (Read more)