I help people find confidence and make powerful strides in relationships and work.  

The people I work with want to become more free and fulfilled in their lives. As a Coach and Certified Hakomi Practitioner I help clients: 

  • Heal and transform old patterns of self-doubt and insecurity
  • Develop clarity, confidence and courage to walk their path
  • Create structures that support steady movement towards goals

Many of my clients have meditation or yoga/movement backgrounds and want to bring embodied presence into day-to-day relationship and work challenges. Applying mindfulness practice to coaching and healing work is my area of specialization. The result is steady, durable change in the direction of resilience, clarity, and empowerment.

  • Find clarity and confidence
  • Move through fear and doubt
  • Walk your path into fulfillment

  • Master the art of healthy relationship
  • Release trauma from the body
  • Find strength in vulnerability