I help people find confidence and make powerful strides in relationships and work.  

The people I work with want to become more free and fulfilled in their lives. As a Coach, Psychotherapist, and Couples Counselor I help clients: 

Many of my clients have meditation or yoga experience and want to bring embodied presence into everyday relationship and work challenges. I help them apply mindfulness practice to support transformational coaching and therapy. The result is steady, durable change in the direction of resilience, clarity, and empowerment.

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What People are Saying:

"Samuel is a great coach and healer. He has a steady, insight provoking way of listening and being present that has helped me explore and change areas of life where I have struggled. I have come away from our work with a sense of clarity and connection that continues to ripple into everyday experience."

VF - Organizational Consultant

"A lot is still up and times are trying and challenging but because of the last session we had together, I do feel supported by life, the universe, my community and myself in a way I've never felt at my core before."

JS - Business Consultant

"It never ceases to amaze me how potent doing Hakomi with you is. Several good sessions can truly transform patterns — and seeming permanently!"

KP - Retail Manager

"I'm surprised by the depth of emotion I've been able to experience with you after only a couple sessions.  I'm learning to surrender and trust the process more and more, and can already feel how this work is changing my life.  THANK YOU!"

ML - Therapist

"Over the years, Sam has been pivotal in helping me find my career path, navigate relationships with integrity and bravery, and deepen my meditation practice. I cannot recommend working with Sam Bernier enough." 

DA - Cognitive Science Doctoral Student

"In one session with Samuel, pathways of trust opened up in me and deepened more powerfully than with many amazing teachers I’ve worked with, and it was more helpful than any of the sessions I had at $180 a pop with my long-time IFS therapist in New York. Samuel is an amazing guide." 

BG - Physical Therapist

"Sam has an incredible presence that is calm, peaceful and deeply nurturing. When I work with him, stuck patterns loosen and begin shifting, and new possibilities emerge for me to show up even more lovingly and powerfully in my relationships and with myself."

LF - Writer

"Career coaching with Samuel was truly powerful. He is a master in holding really deep safe space for insight, healing, and movement to occur."

ST - Facilitator