Are old patterns getting in the way of having the relationship you want?

While I coach clients on a variety of relationship and career topics, one of my passions is helping romantic partners understand and relate to each other in healthy ways.

I help my clients to:

    • Become more confident, open, and alive with their partners

    • Maintain intimacy while expressing desires, needs, and boundaries

    • Heal from loss, rejection, or betrayal

    • Be authentic, approachable and magnetic

    • Discern partners who are ready for relationship from partners who are not

    • Inspire and sustain chemistry with the right partner

The end result is that my clients attract and sustain relationships that are more stable, intimate, passionate and supportive. I work with men and women in this area of my practice.

For women, working with a male coach on these issues can be edgy—but the risk is worth the reward.

"Samuel has a way of holding space that is safe, warm, non-judgemental and edgy--all at once. He helped me bring awareness to aspects of how I relate to men that were old and stuck--and helped me to find a new clarity and way of being me that feels way more authentic, and yet is also attracting better men into my life!"

- Jenny V.

Hakomi and RCS are both experiential methods. We address limiting patterns in real-time within the clear boundaries of our work together. In this safe, respectful, high integrity space you will discover new pathways into what you desire and create substantial, enduring shifts in your relationship patterns.

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"I went to Samuel to clarify my search for partnership and realized that I had been offering a message to the world that was not bringing me what I really wanted. I changed it and within weeks met someone wonderful who seems quite well aligned with my real intention."

-Kristin W.