An Experiential Approach:

For better and for worse, we do not function as machines operating on Cartesian principles of rationality--we are much more complex and multidimensional. This is why achieving an intellectual understanding of our issues does not help us change them.

Sitting and talking about our problems can be a slow road to enduring change. If you have significant challenges in your life, you most likely have already talked and thought about them. You may have also read books and taken workshops to develop a deeper understanding. However, if this was enough to create lasting change, it would already be happening.

Frieda Reichmann, a contemporary of Freud, said that in order to realize deep transformation we "[...]need an experience, not an explanation.”

According to the latest studies in neuroscience, lasting change happens by way of new experiences that contribute to the building of new neural networks in our brains--networks that start to divert traffic out of our old, stuck patterns.

Somatic Repatterning helps to build these new networks while providing you with pathways for shifting between old and new behavioral and emotional possibilities. These new experiences, and insights that spontaneously emerge from them, are the primarily facilitators of change.