Develop True Self-Confidence in Relationships and Work

TRUE SELF-CONFIDENCE: A state of authenticity and embodied presence with full access to your intelligence, power, and love.

This weekly men’s group will help you:

• Get clear about who you are and what you want

• Find a path that moves you toward your goals

• Move through fear, laziness, and bad habits

• Adapt to challenges while pursuing long-term objectives

Using meditation and relational practices, the group will support you to achieve your goals by becoming more fully yourself. You will connect to an amazing circle of men. You will have greater focus and feel more at ease and comfortable in your skin. You will develop clarity and inner-strength that will help you succeed by facing challenges.

All men are welcome. Diversity is Strength!

1.5 hour meeting each week
Three Month Commitment
Between 4 and 8 men in each group.
Fee is $50-$100
/session - Pay what you can afford.


Online Group via ZOOM - Tuesdays 7:00-8:30pm Pacific Time

Santa Rosa In Person Group - Fridays 2-3:30pm Pacific Time

For more information or to apply email Samuel:

For over a decade I have been leading men’s groups exploring the transformative power of mindfulness-based relational practice. Participating in men's groups has helped me to heal and grow more than almost anything I have done. This process of coming together with men to get honest and real about the challenges we face leads to the emergence of grounded resilience, new creativity, and genuine confidence. We change for the better. We grow into who we are. This work impacts and improves our work, love, and family relationships.

-Samuel Bernier