STRONG and sensitive

CONFIDENT and caring

FIERCE and flexible

FOCUSED and free

For the past ten years I have been working with men as a coach and men's group facilitator. My work is founded on intensive training and study with David Deida, Jon Eisman, The Mankind Project, and Thomas Hübl, as well as with the systems of Hakomi and RCS.

I help men to:

    • Move through fear into freedom

    • Discover your purpose and live it passionately

    • Cultivate the quality of presence that you thrive on and others find attractive

    • Feel confident, empowered, and free in relationship

    • Focus and flow through life's challenges

These shifts are made by releasing old patterns and habits of behavior, emotion, and thought — and resting more and more into presence. From this place we are able make empowered choices and see ourselves, others, and life more clearly.

As a coach I support my clients to create goals and structures for achieving these goals. I also provide accountability so that your highest potential is supported and encouraged. The result is a deeper connection to clarity, fulfillment, and joy — and more success in relationships, at work, and in life.

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"Over the years, Sam has been pivotal in helping me find my career path, navigate relationships with integrity and bravery, and deepen my meditation practice. I cannot recommend working with Sam Bernier enough."

DA, Cognitive Science Doctoral Student

"It never ceases to amaze me how potent doing Hakomi with you is. Several good sessions can truly transform patterns — and seeming permanently!"

KP, Retail Manager