What people are saying about working with me:

"Samuel is a great coach and healer. He has a steady, insight provoking way of listening and being present that has helped me explore and change areas of life where I have struggled. I have come away from our work with a sense of clarity and connection that continues to ripple into everyday experience."

VF, Organizational Consultant

"I'm surprised by the depth of emotion I've been able to experience with you after only a couple sessions. I'm learning to surrender and trust the process more and more, and can already feel how this work is changing my life. THANK YOU!"

ML, Therapist

"I have long been resistant to the idea of personal coaching but I can whole-heartedly say that Sam Bernier is remarkable. He offers an incredibly useful blend of hard-line no-holds barred invitations to show up fully in the midst of your fears and life's trials (which I love) and also knowns when processes require great gentleness, delicacy and time (which I need and am slowly becoming less resistant to). He has on many occasions helped me find more vulnerability and softness in topics demanding tender healing that I was not allowing myself to fully feel, and on other occasions discerned when I need to simply get over myself and stop whining (which has always turned out to be the most skillful way imaginable to help me). Over the years, Sam has been pivotal in helping me find my career path, navigate relationships with integrity and bravery, and deepen my meditation practice. I cannot recommend working with Sam Bernier enough."

DA, Cognitive Science Doctoral Student

"In one session with Samuel, pathways of trust opened up in me and deepened more powerfully than with many amazing teachers I’ve worked with, and it was more helpful than any of the sessions I had at $180 a pop with my long-time IFS therapist in New York.

My body was able to completely relax with him, and his precise clarity helped direct me through a place I've been having struggling with for a quite a while. Since that session I've been able to anchor this transformation in really practical ways and feel more connected to myself and my life.

Samuel is an amazing guide."

BG, Physical Therapist

"Sam has an incredible presence that is calm, peaceful and deeply nurturing. When I work with him, stuck patterns loosen and begin shifting, and new possibilities emerge for me to show up even more lovingly and powerfully in my relationships and with myself. Even really practical, simple things like cleaning have become easier for me after a single session with him. I think my husband wants to thank him, too!"

LF, Writer

"Sessions with Samuel invite my greater potential forward. We all have clever ways of hiding from ourselves... and I've found that none of them stand up long in the space that Sam holds. Many times, when I've been caught in some sort of confusion or resistance, Sam has pointed right to the heart of where I'm stuck. I love the way that Sam draws out the connection between body, mind and heart. In our sessions I can see where my mental and emotional patterns have landed on a body level. Even better, though, I feel the patterns unwinding and transforming on *all* levels."

"Sam truly has a whole-system approach. The transformational space that he offers is deep, real, and engaging. As a bodyworker and a coach myself, I'm incredibly picky about who I'll work with, and I trust Sam's support on the most sensitive issues and choices in my life. I regularly offer my heartfelt referral to Sam's practice - for anyone longing to claim the deeper knowing and strength within themselves, this work is for you."

KB, Coach and Massage Therapist

"Sam is a remarkable coach and a unique practitioner. I knew that I had found someone special the moment I entered his office and felt that I had finally found a safe space that I could really let go in, relax, and express what was troubling me. Through our work together different parts of myself were able to come up and be expressed, understood, and integrated. These experiences have allowed me to come into a deeper self-understanding with a tremendous amount of self-compassion. And, somehow, through the Hakomi process aspects of myself that were causing considerable pain inside, and affecting my relationships, no longer cause so much trouble. I am so grateful that I found Sam."

RM, Programmer

"Samuel's grounded presence helps me drop into myself deeply and easily. His patient attention on the present moment invites things in me to move and shift effortlessly. I feel myself met by his pacing and direction, and the results are profoundly transformative."

SW, Social Worker

"Career coaching with Samuel was truly powerful. He is a master in holding really deep safe space for insight, healing, and movement to occur. Working with him was a lot of fun.

I have gained clarity and intimacy with some of the voices that stop me from being truly aligned with my essence and purpose. This had both the effect of these voices loosing their power over me and a lot of creativity getting unleashed. I also left with powerful metaphors that are guiding me in this continuing exploration of how to offer my true gifts in service to life."

ST, Facilitator

"Openness and an ability to elicit insight that leads to change- these are the gifts that Sam brings. I always figured I could just as easily think through my problems and that I didn't need anyone's help. However, over the past couple years I have been recognizing that job related stress is making my life miserable, and also negatively affecting my performance at work. Trying to think up a solution was not working. A friend recommended Sam and talked about the way he worked- releasing patterns by working with body AND mind- and I decided to give it a go. What I have found is that by working with the stess I cary in my body and recognizing the old beliefs that come with this stress independent of my current work, changes are happening. I am less afraid of screwing up and more creative AND more productive. Amazing. Thank you Sam!"

RC, Small Business Owner

"Sam is a deeply talented coach capable of effectively stewarding anyone through enduring transformation. I found my work with Sam to be helpful on a variety of different levels and I would recommend his services to anyone who is seeking changes that last."

BC, Student

"Sam has coached me in somatic repatterning over the last year and I consider him something like a personal trainer...for the soul. Initially, we focused on identifying and learning about difficult life patterns -- emotionally, physically, and cognitively. Over time, this work has evolved to a place where I feel more confident and supported in making significant changes. I think that Sam's approach to relationships, masculinity vs femininity, and how to get "unstuck" is especially insightful. Somatic repatterning has given me many invaluable tools for leading the life I desire."

HS, Community Organizer and Consultant

"Sam met me with reverence and a playful curiosity that allowed to to relax and discover deep contours of my interior that seemed quite evasive. I have been able to work with these on my own and can see how they both serve me and how they impede the natural flow of my energy. Additionally, I was aware that I was unable to metabolize touch. At the end of the session, our contact began to melt my walls of resistance and let in the warmth of another human being in a very safe way. A portal opened in this that makes me more bio-available to all contact including that of my own energy. Thanks Sam, brilliant work!"

HN, Artist

"Sam is a gifted Hakomi practitioner - with deep somatic awareness, patience, and presence, he helps his clients slow down to the speed of the body to do this work. I highly recommend working with him for anyone interested in learning to slow down and listen to the body's wisdom to bring awareness and transformation to core patterning in your psyche, body and life. For many of us raised in a mind-biased culture, Hakomi is like learning a new language. Sam is a fluent guide and teacher of this language, and working with him to unlock your own somatic intelligence will surely change your life for the better."

BG, Business Consultant