The Hakomi principles form the basis of my work:

See a brief description of these principles below.

Body-Mind Holism

The reminder that our minds and bodies are inseparable, and that psychological processes exist and resonate through the brain, mind AND body.


The reality that all appearances and all parts are connected to each other and are interdependent- that you have to know the system to know the parts and their relationships to each other. And that every apparent part is a whole unto itself and part of some larger whole ad infinitum.

Organicity An invitation to trust what is happening in the moment, and to allow this happening to unfold (with any amount of guidance) into the healing which occurs naturally when we get out of the way.


A commitment to minimizing harm- to treating ourselves and each other respectfully and lovingly. This principle is extremely important in order to work with and ease psychological defenses.


An emphasis on developing the part of the brain that can witness one's own experience in the present moment, with minimal judgement, in order to see oneself clearly and to allow for deeper levels of the unconscious to emerge. Mindfulness is a tool employed by many spiritual and psychological practices and the clarity of perspective that comes with it is a catalyst that allows change to happen rapidly.


The pursuit of a perspective were we can see things as they are, clearly and without judgement. The movement towards experience and beliefs that reflect the deepest reality we are able to contact. We pursue truth so that we can be the most authentic expression of ourselves in the world, and live our lives with integrity.


The reality is that change is inevitable--that things can and will move and evolve--and with proper guidance, the dirrection will be towards higher integration, wholeness, and connection.