My first love was designing and building stuff.

Here are a few projects from long ago:

The Surf-Vee

My first bicycle building project, a long wheelbase recumbent with a surfboard rack/fairing combination. Steering is cable-actuated using machined skateboard wheels as pulleys.

Bicycle Pickup (Bik-up)

A utilitarian cargo bike designed to haul as much as a bike trailer with more speed and maneuverability. Used for what may have been Northern California’s first bicycle powered surf tour (second photo). This was my first TIG welding project.


A Human Powered Vehicle designed and built by the CAL HPV team at UC Berkeley. Riders sit back-to-back in a monocoque shell of carbon fiber, each powering his or her respective wheel. I worked on the drive train design, and was the director of the team when the bike won the World Speed Record for tandems (68.405MPH).

Bicycle Powered Blender

I designed and built this bicycle powered blender for the use of a 50 person student housing cooperative in Berkeley. This is one of the most powerful food processors I have ever used.

Surf-Backpacking Wheelbarrow

This project was designed for accessing The Lost Coast, an otherwise isolated section of coastal parkland in Humboldt County. It was built out of salvaged, lightweight aluminum irrigation pipe with a specially designed wide, low pressure sand wheel. This wheelbarrow makes the 8 mile hike up the beach with 70-90lbs of gear much easier.

Shopping Cart Bicycle Trailer

Built for a student housing cooperative out of an old shopping cart and a broken futon frame. This robust trailer hauls groceries and other miscellanea through the hills of Berkeley with ease.